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Did you know that bully sticks, cow trachea, cow hooves and other natural dog chews are much healthier than rawhide chews?

*Rawhide chews are hard to digest and can cause gas and stomach upset in your Cavachon.

*Rawhide chews can be a choking hazard if your Cavachon tries to swallow a large, partially chewed piece.

*Rawhide chews are often treated with bleach, lye and other harsh chemicals when they are processed.

*Rawhide chews are usually from cattle raised in feed lots where they are treated with antibiotics and growth hormones

What you should have at home before the baby comes--

​*Toys. The more the better! If they have plenty of appropriate toys and things to chew on they will be less likely to find inappropriate ones to chew on. Not to say that they still won’t be a naughty little puppy and chew up something that they shouldn’t but toys do definitely help, and puppies have very good taste- they go for the most expensive piece of furniture or antiques. There is also a difference between toys that they can have when they are alone and ones that they should have supervision with, if they can get any little pieces off or could possibly rip it they should not have it when they are alone. Good alone time toys are; hard chew toys, rope toys, balls, antler bones, raw bones, etc. Do not leave toys in crates while unattended. Take all collars and harnesses off when in crate. 
 •A Leash. We really like 6 ft ones, it gives them a little more room to wander but still lets you have total control.
 •Collar or harness. If you have small children who would like to take the puppy for a walk a harness is better than a collar, that way it puts the pressure on the puppy’s chest instead of around their neck. It is still nice to have both a collar and harness, a collar for the puppy’s tags and a harness for walks.
 •Food/water bowls. We prefer stainless.
 •Kennel/cage. At first the area the puppy has in their kennel should not be much larger than what the puppy needs to sit, lay down, and turn around otherwise they will quickly learn to potty in the back and sleep in the front. Once the puppy is house trained then they can have a larger area. Put the crate in your room so the puppy will feel comforted until he/she adjusts to the surroundings for the first few nights. They can also alert you if they have to go out this way.  They will eventually be able to hold it all night and won't need to sleep right by you. It's important that they have time alone too. 
 •Puppy food. We are currently feeding Dehydrated raw food when they wean. We were having problems with shipping the frozen. We love Stella & Chewy's  dehydrated food food. beef and salmon puppy formula. We are currently feeding that and the Lamb mixed with Just Food for Dogs Venison and Squash because it adds fiber to the puppy's diet. If you do not plan to leave them on our brand you are required to feed this food at least 6 months after puppy comes to live with you. I hope you don't ever change this diet. There are other brands that are good too. Dr Marty's , and Jeff's Pet are a couple of options.  Stella and Chewy makes a frozen variety and so do many other companies including Nature's Variety Instinct.  Please do not take this lightly. We already changed homes, so doing food also will give major digestive upset! This may flair up a parasite that commonly lives in dogs and other animals. It is a fact of existence for them. They are carriers!  There are two that are extremely common. One is Giardia, the other is Coccidia. They both can be gotten from the environment. If your puppy tests positive for these parasites but do not have diarrhea it is NOT necessary to give an antibiotic. You should give a parricidal medicine (fenbendazole/panacur/safeguard) to control it, however. If they do have diarrhea that means there is a bacterial infection in their gut from either parasite ( or both) and then, that's when you should give Metronidazole with the parasite medicine. We don't want the puppy to have antibiotics if they don't need it.   Be aware that if your puppy gets diarrhea or gets sick from different water, food, treats, and or stress and it isn't treated right away, this could be very detrimental to him or her. This is easily treatable, but if you minimize the stress and keep the pup on our food at least until he/she settles in you will have less issues..  Freeze dried food is so easy when puppies travel. It's great and dogs like it. It is necessary to reconstitute it, however!  
 •Treats-- PRAISE is the BEST treat. A food treat should be just that....A TREAT and never expected.  At first treats should be little tiny pieces of their food......only be given when they potty in the appropriate place, and should be given immediately after. You do not want to introduce ANY new bacteria at this time. You will cause a digestive upset resulting in diarrhea. We  suggest freeze dried meats that are human grade once puppy has been settled in for approximately 30 days.. We love bully sticks to chew on and raw bones!!!
 •A plush doggy bed to lay in is always appreciated. They love to have something soft and warm to snuggle in, after all they did have siblings to snuggle with while they were here. Some of my families have noted to me that they love the Snuggle Puppy. It helps puppy feel secure. Check it out if you want. You can buy them on Amazon. Anything for the little baby to feel safe and secure is worth the money spent! Make sure your puppy gets plenty of rest. Put them on a schedule. Let them learn to self soothe so you don't create an anxiety ridden dog. 
* A slicker brush for daily brushing is a must to avoid tangles and it gets them used to handling so your groomer will love you. A good metal comb with help with tangles. 
* A pair of dog toe nail nippers....again to get them used to it
*cotton swabs or balls, and a good ear cleaner - making sure ear is perfectly dry when done

 •And lots of Patience and Love! A puppy can be a lot of fun, but is also a lot of work. They need lots of love as well as discipline.


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Smoochmypups Health guarantee-  Prior to going to a new home every puppy will take a ride in the car to visit their primary care doctor. Upon arrival they will be greeted by everyone with oooooo's and awwwwhhh's ! :)  Our vet thoroughly goes over each puppy to insure that it is healthy and is ready for his/her new home. The vet gives a report for each puppy. This is a useful tool to take to your own veterinarian. Each puppy has a series of shots prior to going to it's new family too. The vet will also take a fecal floatation to make sure the puppy is free from parasites.  We offer a written guarantee for any life threatening congenital defect, and a lifetime of correspondence if you should have any questions. We do our best to keep our breeding dogs examined every year and they get OFA & DNA certified to make sure they are healthy before breeding them. Our 3 health guarantee will be on your contract. Should you not be able to care for your puppy you will expected to contact us so that you can either bring your puppy back, or discuss what other arrangements might be acceptable for your dog.   Please feel free to ask any questions about your new puppy.