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CAVACHONS & CAVAPOOS are Lovely members of the Family 

Country of Origin: The Cavachon originated in the United States due to an accidental mating between a champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a Bichon Frise in 1998, so it is said. I find it hard to believe these hybrids were ever a mistake!!! They are a  genius mistake if they were! Same goes for the Cavapoo.  They are the ultimate low to non shedding family pet! 

Size:Both hybrids vary in size. They  can range in size anywhere from 8-30lbs pounds (With there being a Standard Poodle in the mix) , however, they do tend to range on the side weighing an average of 15-22 pounds. The height of the Cavachon will largely depend on the size of the parents or what's in their lineage. A Cavachon or Cavapoo can appear tall as well as short. 

Coat: The coats are usually fluffy, quite thick and wavy to curly. The  coat is very full and can grow to a length of 3-5 inches long. This breed sheds minimally and will be a great selection for those with allergy issues. The color of the  coat can vary a great deal due to the nature of the mix, however.  A solid apricot color, tri-colored, sable and white, black and tan are possible coat colors for both hybrids. Red is a very popular color for the Cavapoos and some exotic colors are popping up in the Cavapoo hybrid. Keep in mind, however that deviating from the standard recognized colors for the breed, means that other breeds have been mixed in and there a possibility for throw backs in personalities and other conditions that should be carefully considered when choosing a family pet. 

Character: The Cavachon & Cavapoo were created simply for the purpose of a friendly and loving companion with little to no shedding. This experiment was a great success, and now they  have become a quite popular breed. This breed is very gentle and good natured and will be quite happy with family life. The Cavachon is known to bark should a stranger come near, however, as they are quite good natured, they should not be depended upon as a watchdog. 

Temperament: The Cavachon & Cavapoo is a very affectionate and a gentle breed with a strong desire to please. This breed will do extremely well with children of all ages. They are known to be very tolerable of play with small children. They also get along well with other family pets. However,  the Cavachon is a mix of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles and a Cavapoo is the mix with a Poodle instead of a Bichon Frise.  A mixed breed dog can have a combination of any of the temperament and characteristics of any breed involved. It is recommended that you thoroughly research all breeds involved in your mixed breed puppy to ensure that you are amenable and prepared for any of the possibilities.

Care: These hybrids are a relatively high maintenance in terms of grooming. They will need to be brushed and bathed on a weekly basis to prevent matting in their curly coat. They will also require a trip to the groomer about every six weeks or so. Keep the areas under the eyes trimmed short as this helps in avoiding staining. They shed very little and are a good choice for allergy sufferers. They are also  an excellent breed for apartment dwellers, as they do not require a large amount of space to play. The Cavapoo due to their intelligence, may require a bit more stimulation than the Cavachon, because of it. They are both well suited to most environments, but extra care should be taken in extreme cold. 

Training: These dogs are both very intelligent and eager to please. This makes them a very trainable breed. They will be quick to learn commands, but training should begin at an early age for the best results. As with any small breed dog, it is imperative that they receive training from a firm and consistent , pack leader. The Cavachon & Cavapoo could develop Small Dog Syndrome if allowed to believe that they are in charge. Be a LEADER and you will negate all bad behavior in them. 

Activity: The Cavachon is not an extremely high energy dog. They are quite active indoors and will enjoy playing with the family all day. They will still require a daily walk to expel any excess energy. A Cavachon should not be left in an unfenced area unsupervised. They like to be with you. While the Cavachon does like to play, they will be just as happy living it up in your lap, snoozing the afternoon away.  The Cavapoo can initially be more energetic and curious. They are also very athletic and can keep up with an active family. Both hybrids love your companionship and do better with company, whether it is you or another dog.